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14,99 € Regular Price
9,99 €Sale Price

Introducing the 360 Waves Brush the ultimate tool for achieving tight, well-defined 360 waves! This brush is specially designed with a harder texture, providing maximum hold to your hair and waves.


The 360 Waves Brush features firm bristles that grip your hair firmly, ensuring precise control and a tighter wave pattern. With this brush, you can achieve the coveted 360 waves hairstyle effortlessly. Its ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, allowing for seamless styling and impeccable results.


Whether you're a seasoned waver or just starting your wave journey, the 360 Waves Brush is a must-have. It's perfect for creating deep, consistent waves that turn heads. The harder texture of this brush ensures that your waves stay in place for longer periods, allowing you to maintain a sharp and polished look.


Upgrade your wave game today with the 360 Waves Brush and experience the incredible difference it can make in your styling routine. Don't settle for ordinary waves when you can achieve extraordinary 360 waves with our premium brush. Order now and unlock the secret to impeccable waves with the 360 Waves Brush.

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